At Peninsula Medical Service's we provide reliable nationwide Event Medical Cover 

Our staff are all experienced front-line staff who respond to real 999 emergencies and our medical personnel are all trained in advanced assessment and treatment which makes our first aid cover one of the best available.

Book now and we will complete your Medical Plan and Resource Assessment.

Defibrillators and Vast Range of Medications:

  • We provide defibrillators at every event and our team is able to administer a vast range of medications for conditions from a mild headache to a cardiac arrest.

Cycle Response Units (CRU):

  •  Our CRU’s are able to respond to incidents anywhere a vehicle finds it difficult to reach and can pass through pedestrians safely to reach patients quickly.

4×4 Response Vehicles:

  • Vehicles are smaller than ambulances and therefore able to reach casualties who are in areas which are either remote or inaccessible to ambulance vehicles.

Treatment Centres:

  • Our treatment centres are fully equipped with heating, lighting, and running water which is designed to be self-contained and able to deal with emergencies undercover and in private.
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